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Lyricists’ Watch is not fooling around.

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Single: Beltway Laps(e), from the album, Transcontinental Drift




Lyricists’ Watch is music with a message, indeed, many messages: from the dangers of drinking and driving, to the fundamental similarities across economic and class lines, to the necessity of governmental bureaucracy to “keep the tyrants from hangin’ round.”

The new album, Regreso Del Mal Rock, unapologetically brings back !BAD ROCK!



Paul-Newell Reaves is a poet and teacher from Washington DC.  His poetry has appeared in Dirty Chai Magazine and online at , , and extensively on his own site, .


In 2008 he joined the reggae-hardcore group Metrorail, and in 2013 begain his side project Lyricists’ Watch.



Set Duration: 90 minutes of folk-grunge,

with intermittent socio-political commentary.





as Lyricists’ Watch

Uniontown Bar, DC (5/’17)

The Pinch, DC (Monthly gig, 6/’16- 2/’17)

w/ the Cruddy Crankerz

Tropicalia (5/16/’15)

Tree House Lounge (12/28/14)

District 2 (11/26/’14)

-w/ Metrorail

Cruddy Rite Radio Launch/ Beast and the Monster Anniversary Show  (6/10/’14)

-w/ Dem Rush and guests

Cruddy Rite Radio Launch/ Beast and the Monster Anniversary Show  (6/10/’14)
-w/ Dem Rush and guests

Jose’s Grill (5/15/’14)
-w/ Crank Lucas and guests
-broadcast on

Tree House Lounge (5/11/’14)
-w/ Cruddy Crankerz and Nano Tribe

Chief Ike’s Mambo Room: Halloween Bash (10/31/’13)
-w/ Northeast Players

Madam’s Organ weekly open mics (’13-’14)


w/ Metrorail

Comet Ping Pong (2/22/’14)
-w/ Doc Night and the Hipnotix
Velvet Lounge: (12/23/’10)
-w/ Reemstarr and Oscar and Swami Sound
Chief Ike’s Mambo Room: third wednesday, monthly (’07-’11)
-w/ H.R. Band
-w/ Angel Row
-w/ Achtung Panda
-w/ SOL Bandits
-w/ Tasting Darkness
Heaven and Hell club: Adam’s Morgan Day (’09)
-w/ Austin Purnell on keys
Axiom club, 9th st. NW (’09)
-w/ Austin Purnell on keys




Regreso del Mal Rock (’16)

ft/ singles Anacostia Sinderellah

Gettin’ Rid of Bodies







Transcontinental Drift Cover

Transcontinental Drift (’14)

-ft/ the single “Beltway Laps(e)”










Equipment List:

-Yamaha Acoustic/Electric Guitar
-Fender Stratocaster Guitar
-Epiphone Rialto four string banjo w/ dixie tuning
-Fender FM 212r amp
-Peavy Envoy 110 amp
-Electro-Harmonics Little Big Muff fuzz pedal
-Daralectro FAB echo pedal
-Boss tuning pedal
-3 Shure microphones
-3 mic stands
-Multimix 8 mixing board


But Remember,

Lyricists’ Watch does not rock for the children.

This means no birthday parties.


Book Lyricists’ Watch, NOW

by contacting




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